How To Convert Binary To Decimal, Online?

Binary conversion is a very important step in coding and decoding of binary system to decimal for which various online converters have been developed to simplify the overall process. An online binary converter allows the user to covert the binary inputs from binary format to decimal format and from decimal format to binary format. The fundamental benefit of am online binary converter is that it comprehends the main variable data types which are used in most of the programming languages. The online converter has various support points which are as follows:

Unsigned Character: 

An unsigned character has 8 bits. The minimum input value is 0 and the maximum input value is 255 characters. Its decimal format is an integer.

Signed Character:

A signed character also has 8 bits. The minimum conversion point is -128 and the maximum point is 127. The decimal equivalent is an integer value.

Unsigned Short:

The unsigned short has 16 bits with 0 minimum and 65535 maximum conversion points. The decimal format is that of an integer.

Signed Short:

The signed short is also composed of 16 bits. It accepts minimum input of -32768 and maximum 32767. Its decimal format is also integer type.

Unsigned Integer:

It is composed of 32 bits. The minimum value is 0 and that of maximum is 4294967295, with an integer value for the decimal format.

Signed Integer:

A signed integer is of 32 bits and its minimum point is -2147483647 with a maximum point of 2147483647. Its decimal format is also integer type.


A float which is popularly coded as IEEE754 has 32 bits with a minimum value of -3.4028E+38 and a maximum of 3.4028E+38. Its decimal format is a real number.


Double which is also coded as IEEE754 has a 64 bit composition and has a minimum value of 1.7977E + 308 with a minimum value of 1.7977E + 308. Its decimal format is a real number.

The steps to convert from binary to decimal through this online converter are as follows;

Step 1

Firstly enter the binary number or a number in hexadecimal format in the relevant fields.

Step 2

The square in the field represent the bit in the binary form of the number.

Step 3

The bit can be toggled by a simple click on the corresponding square.

Step 4

To convert the binary to decimal now press or click the button represented the “convert” function.

Step 5

The decimal equivalent is shown or displayed upto a maximum limit of 30 digits.

Thus this online converter offers a very simple and procedural method to convert a binary digit into a decimal format or to convert a decimal number into a binary format. Usually these converters are useful for students and other programmers who need to convert the binary to decimal and decimal to binary format whilst developing program in various computer languages. This online converter serves the dual purpose of offering a very agile and prompt converter which displays value upto 30 digits.